Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Meet Noodles

We just recently adopted Noodles, we have only had her for two and a half weeks. She is an adorable little pain in the butt. Unlike Bob she jumps up on counters, the fridge, pretty much anything she can get to. She is still settling in, she isn't sure how she feels about Bob, but she loves us. Not that it is us specificly, it's people in general. She is a little tramp. We keep her seperated from Bob right now when we aren't around, to reduce conflict, and whenever we open the door to the living room she jumps up and runs over to us purring like a kitten and demanding love. Sometimes she and Bob get along ok.. Right after this picture was taken Bob reached out ever so slowly and gently and put his paw on top of hers. And she freaked out. Not surprising. But often they will just sit near each other, pretending the other doesn't exist. Which is fine. We like that much more than hissing and swatting. Which is of course all her, Bob just looks confused. She likes to rest her head on things, get under the bed and sit in boxes. So, that's all there is about the little girlie right now. Further updates as events warrant.

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