Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Meet Bob

Just so there is no confusion, Bob is not my real name. It is the name of my cat which I have taken as a nom de blog. My real name is not important. This is the real Bob. He is the sweetest, mellowest cat I have ever known. He likes to sit in my lap, especially when I am at the computer. He sometimes sits in my girlfriends lap, but since he is enormous he doesn't fit well. The vets say he isn't unhealthily (is that a real word?) fat, most of his size is normal. He is just big. And fluffy, very very fluffy. He also likes having his armpits rubbed. Who knows, he is pretty weird. He spends most of his time chilling often in the storage cubes I keep my clothes in. I have wound up leaving one empty so he can have it. He is also the wimpiest cat I have ever met. I have seen him be chased around the kitchen by an ant. Seriously. I wish I had a pic of that. He has taken to sleeping in a corner of the apartment under the kitchen table since Noodles arrived. They are still hashing out their relationship. He also likes to sleep on the bed, at least when it's not too hot. That's pretty much all there is to know, he is a big, healthy, kinda dim, very wussy, not even vaguely graceful, sweet guy. Here are some more pictures.

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